Monster Behind The Curtain Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information

No nutritional information is currently available for this drink recipe.


How to Make It

Pour in vodka and the Monster. Stir and slam.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our dashing readers, akrejci_85!

Comments on Monster Behind The Curtain

  • josh
    Oct 24th, 2014
    found test tube at dollar tree around the time of halloween
  • akrejci_85
    Oct 8th, 2012
    you can get the test tubes from some party supply stores...
  • Cristina
    Oct 27th, 2009
    Where can I find the test tubes?
  • christ
    Oct 19th, 2009
    it sucked the next day
  • shawn
    Oct 12th, 2009
    I used this drink at an early halloween party I had. We went through 2 huge bottles of the apple smirnoff in an hour and a whole 24 pack of monster. huge hit! serve it cold.

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