Trusty Snail Drink Recipe

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Serving size: 1 drink

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How to Make It

Pour over 3 ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a twist of lime.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our superhuman readers, Mojojojo!

Comments on Trusty Snail

  • Owen
    Jun 1st, 2013
    This is a cold day in winter, by the fireside type drink ! The drinker may want to add "more" or less single malt whiskey to taste ! 10/10
  • Dan
    May 26th, 2013
    A Rusty Nail is specifically made with Drambuie. A Canadian Whiskey can be used in place of Scotch. With Drambuie , The Canadian version is called a "Donald Sutherland". I wonder what to call Canadian Rye Whiskey and Glayva? Maybe a Wayne Gretzky.
  • JAZ
    Oct 12th, 2011
    Yeah, I thought it was a rusty nail (when you mix a plain scotch whisky with a scotch besed liqueur) but I'm assuming the 'Trusty Snail' terms demonstrates the face of Glayva being the choice of liqueur instead of Drambuie is most commonly used to form the rusty nail cocktail
  • InvernessDude
    Apr 3rd, 2011
    Isn't this a 'Rusty Nail'?
  • John
    Jul 5th, 2009
    Not as sickly sweet as Glayva is by itself, but not as harsh as Scotch is by itself. I used a 12 year Glennfiddich single malt and the result was very decent as a sipping drink. I think the use of a 15 or 18 year scotch would be unnecessary as they wouldn't be hard enough to take the sweetness off the Glayva. An 18 or older scotch would be an absolute waste and desecration. Also, the lime didn't do a whole lot for the drink so I would omit it.

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