WildFire Drink Recipe

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Nutrition Information

No nutritional information is currently available for this drink recipe.

This is a flaming drink. Please read our notes about flaming drinks and be careful.


How to Make It

In a shot glass, layer the ingredients in the following order: grenadine, melon liqueur, Island Blue Pucker, Hypnotiq, and top w/ Bacardi 151. Looks pretty killer - timely, but worth it. Then, pour half a can of Red Bull into a 12 oz glass. Light the shot on fire, drop into the glass of Red Bull and chug! Very tasty! Enjoy and be safe!


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our sexy readers, Cre8tiveNikki!

Comments on WildFire

  • angelaculver
    May 20th, 2010
    good one :)
  • mw
    Aug 13th, 2009
    Good Drink. Alcohol is barely noticeable. Drink looks almost black after made. Looks like you are drinking Coke out of a pint glass.

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