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Drink of the Week for Feb 6th, 2006: Washington Apple Shot

What we had to say

With all the storms in the pacific northwest this weekend, we had a tough time trying to get a Superbowl-viewing-device to work. It's not that the devices themselves had problems, or that we had a shortage of devices, it's that the magic holes in the wall that make electricity were on strike, demanding that shark-sized tree branches stop raining down and that someone fix their beloved lines. We would have been more than happy to accommodate this demand, but going outside to fix these things with all the flailing tree-sharks coming down wasn't going to happen. We saw a lineman get eaten by an arbutus before he even made it out of his truck. The only plus side was that it was freezing cold, so we could put the beer outside in lieu of a working fridge. High technology saved the day when we managed to rustle up an exercise bike and hook a tiny black-and-white Superbowl viewing device to it. We put our friends on the bike and made them pedal, which let us watch some grainy pixels beating the tar out of some other grainy pixels. We're pretty sure there was a football pixel in there somewhere, and some of the player pixels got it into an end zone occasionally. We called the party a success, then burned the exercise bike and the tiny TV to stay warm. To commemorate our survival of the weekend, we picked a drink with "Washington" in the name. Here ya go.

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Washington Apple Shot Drink Recipe

Other names:   Candy Apple #3
This recipe was Drink of the Week on 2006-02-06. Check out the review!
Washington Apple Shot drink recipe

Glass to Use

Shot glassShot glass

Drink Colour:



Mixing Instructions

Add apple pucker and Crown Royal to a shot glass, then add a splash of cranberry juice on top.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our funkadelic readers, dcfluffer!

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